Our story

Founded in 1991 by John and Patty Urlaub, Rohrbach Brewing Co. is Rochester’s first craft brewery. The brewing company takes its name from Rohrbach, Germany, a small town that inspired its founder to bring craft beer to Rochester. The company first originated in the German House on Gregory Street, then grew into the two locations existing today–the production brewery on Railroad St. and Buffalo Rd. brewpub. Though the company has grown over the past 25 years, Rohrbachs has stayed true to its roots. You can only find Rohrbach beer in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, and their surrounding Upstate NY areas. 

With the recent craft beer boom in Upstate New York, we take pride in our region and cherish the loyalty we’ve built in our community. We are always looking for new ways to give back; which you can read about below.

Rohrbachs believes in brewing timeless beers; we strive to stay true to ourselves as craft beer trends come and go. We can’t wait to see what comes next...