A Commitment to Our
Local Community


giving back

As a small local business, Rohrbach Brewing Co. has the community to thank for its growing success. Without you, we wouldn't be where we are today–and that's why we're always growing our efforts to give back. Rohrbachs donates roughly 15% of its profits annually. We have a  strong relationship with Holiday Outreach, hosting many annual fundraisers and donating a large portion of our Brewer's Fest profits to their organization.

local partnerships

Rohrbachs sources as much as possible from local vendors. Many of our food items are locally produced, from partners including Amazing Grains, Lively Run cheese, Pittsford Farms Dairy, The Peroige Guy, and sourcing ingredients right from our brewery's neighbor, the Public Market.

We often partner with local businesses for our beers as well, whether it's locally sourcing hops or partnering with businesses like Java's and Kettle Ridge Farm for coffee stouts and maple wheat ales. The brewery donates its spent grain to local farmers, along with our neighbor Black Button Distilling

Brewer Nicki


Part of our dedication to our community is to remain as sustainable as possible. Many decisions are made with this in mind–one of the biggest being the shift from growlers to cans. Aluminum cans have a far smaller carbon footprint and are easier to recycle. The snap-on 4-pack caps are also recyclable and better for the environment. Rohrbachs even grows its own small batch of hops behind the brewpub.