neoteric series

ne·o·ter·ic noun | a modern person; a person who advocates new ideas

Rohrbach’s neoteric series explores what is possible in a beer. These small-batch limited releases show off our brewers’ talents and allow our patrons to imbibe in something a little more adventurous. Neoteric brews are released about every two months, and are only available for that amount of time. Check out our upcoming events for the next release party at the beer hall. Release parties offer samples of the new brew, freshly-filled 4-packs to take home, and even custom pint glasses if you’re one of the first to order a pint!


ok be jelly
raspberry Porter

Out Now!

Following our Don’t Be Jelly Peanut Butter Porter, we’re giving the other half of the sandwich a try. This rich porter has just the right amount of sweet and tart raspberry notes.

7.0% ABV • 27 IBU