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Are you a Food Truck fanatic? A quick guide to Rochester's Food Truck Rodeo:

I’m going to get this out of the way first, if you’re like me and thought a Food Truck Rodeo was going to be filled with cowboys trying to lasso runaway trucks, cowgirls wrangling beer trailers, and clowns throwing kegs back and forth between each other, you will be very disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a huge array of food choices, great live music and fantastic local craft beer, then this event is for you.

The Rochester Food Truck Rodeos are put on every summer by the City of Rochester, the Market District Business Association, and Rohrbach Brewing Co. The event takes place on the last Wednesday of the month from 5:00pm until 9:00pm starting in April and going through September.  The Food Truck Rodeo takes place at the Public Market at 280 North Union Street Rochester, NY 14609. You can check out all our other events here!

This event draws thousands of people from all over Rochester and Monroe County to the Market District each month and brings in 20 plus food trucks from the area. Just a few of our favorites:

The Meatball Truck Co.  An extension of the classic Antonetta’s restaurant, these people know Italian food. Try the Ball & Rigs!

Neno’s Food Truck Mexican and Tex-Mex food with some of the best tacos in town.

Duke’s Donuts These are what you really buy when you say your going to the Public Market “for the fresh fruits and vegetables”.  

Cheesed and Confused Grilled cheese sandwiches, just like mom used to make them... but these ones are like, way better.

Food truck rodeo.jpg

Tips and Tricks

●     Get there early!
Parking fills up quick and the lines get long even faster. If you don’t want to fight for parking the Public Market will be running a quick, easy, and FREE MarketMobile Shuttle from the East End Parking Garage at the corner of East Main and Scio Streets. The first Shuttle leaves the East End Garage at 5:30PM and the last one leaves the Public Market at 9:30pm.

●     Attack by numbers 
Looking at all the delicious options at the rodeo can choosing just one impossible, so getting a little of everything is the way to go. I suggest pooling your money and then picking four or five food trucks to get food from.  vide et imperā! Divide and conquer! When your group comes back together you'll have a smorgasbord to dig in to!

●     Bring a camping chair!
While there are lots of picnic tables, expect them to fill up quick. If you’re with a large group you might even consider bringing a folding table. (NOTE: If you light it on fire and jump through the table you will be asked to leave, this is not a Bills game.)

●     You’ll want cash. And your ID.
Even though most food vendors can accept cards the worst feeling in the world is waiting in line for 20 minutes to order food only to find out that they are cash only. The Rochester Public Market does have an ATM on site but the line is almost as long as the line for Le Petit Poutine. Most importantly, THE BEER TRAILER IS CASH ONLY! So if you want beer, cash is king.

●     Lines too long? Nowhere to sit? Crappy weather? No worries, the Rohrbach Beer Hall is a 30    second walk up from the Public Market. We’ll have our full menu of sandwiches, wood fired pizzas and salads ready to order alongside all your favorite Rohrbach Brewing Company Beers.


Still not sure about the Food truck Rodeo? Please contact us with any questions or comments!

Brittany Statt